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Rusty Johnson's

American Dreams

Rusty Johnson's American Dreams is coming to Pella, Iowa on Saturday, October 19, 2024.  Located on the beautiful campus of Central College, the doors to Douwstra Auditorium will open at 6:30PM for the American Dreams show.  With the help of sponsors, 100% of ticket sales and any additional funds will be donated to Four Oaks.    

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coming soon!   

coming soon!   

coming soon!   

 "In my 40 + years in working in the child welfare system with the majority being in the foster/adoption field, I have never experienced such a unique opportunity for all members of the system and community to come together to benefit this important issue.  With Rusty being a former foster child and then adopted son, we were able to see a success story that turned a troubled young man into the great musical artist that he has become. He is known worldwide.  Iowa is lucky to have him back in Iowa to help raise awareness of this important issue.   These events bring all the players plus the community together to work toward ideas, programs, solutions to better assist those who enter the system. Your help is needed.  I will be one of the first to donate to a cause very dear to my heart."

-Lynhon Stout, former Executive Director of Iowa Foster & Adoptive Parent Association

Back to where it all started...

In 2005, Rusty dreamed of combining his music with his child welfare advocacy.  As a youth, Rusty was raised in the Iowa foster care system, and although things constantly changed around him, one thing remained the same; his music.  For some kids it might be dance, sports, theater, or debate, but no matter what it is Rusty wanted to help these kids find their voice, nurture their talent and have the opportunity to pursue their American Dream.

Rusty hosted the first Rusty Johnson's American Dreams at his alma matter, Central College, in 2006.  100% of ticket sales were donated, making it possible for at-risk youth to receive funds to pursue their dreams.  Since 2006, Rusty Johnson's American Dreams has become national, making this upcoming American Dreams the fifth of its kind.  

It's so much more!

Rusty Johnson's American Dreams has grown into more than a simple benefit concert; it is way to raise awareness and educate statewide.  By combining a media tour, conference, foster youth/alumni, concert, foster youth talent feature, silent auction and awards, people will be inspired, motivated to make a real difference in the lives of Iowa's kids! 

From an American Dreams Youth...

"I had always dreamed of touring as a performer. So, when I had the opportunity to perform, I was very excited…and nervous! ... But having the opportunity to actually perform in such an amazing facility opened my eyes to possibility — and the ability to believe in myself. That experience, followed by watching seasoned performers perform flawlessly, inspired everyone that attended. That inspiration paved the way for me to dedicate a large portion of my adult life to impacting others with my music and stories."  

-Travis Lloyd - Keynote Speaker, Performer, Author, Former Foster Youth, and now Dad


If you have a question about Rusty Johnson's American Dreams, or to reach out, email:, or click the CONTACT button below.

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